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Visit from Vermont

28 Jun

Dad and Kathy arrived on Friday for a weekend visit. We had a great time with them and Miss H enjoyed all the attention. Besides seeing us (and most importantly Miss H), Dad loves to visit DC so he can go to Chipotle. Neither South Dakota nor Vermont have one so we headed there on Friday for dinner. Quesadillas happen to be one of Miss H’s favorite foods so everyone was happy.

Then on Saturday, I hosted a baby shower while Dad and Kathy went to National Harbor with Leigh. Towards the end of the shower, Miss H arrived and wanted balloons tied around her ankles and wrists. It was pretty funny to see her running around and everyone was laughing really hard. She is definitely not shy.

Dad and Kathy treated us to a nice dinner at our local Italian restaurant (plus, they have a kids room that plays movies). I think everyone cleared their plate and Miss H sampled everyone’s dinner plus finished her own.

Sunday, we headed to the Farmer’s Market and the pool. Both were fun and Dad and Kathy enjoyed seeing Miss H swim. We got some delicious black cherry tomatoes that were a nice addition to our cookout with everyone plus Leigh and Chip. Yum, I can’t wait to get more next weekend!

Leigh made some delicious cupcakes and Miss H decided that dessert should be before dinner. Then, Miss H and Dad finished dinner with another cupcake. I think Dad had one for breakfast the next day too.

Yesterday, Dad and Kathy headed back to Vermont and we are looking forward to their visit in the fall.


Happy Father’s Day and Happy Anniversary

21 Jun

I taught Miss H how to say, ‘Happy Father’s Day’ but then she would not perform on command. It went kind of like this:

“Miss H, do you have something to tell Daddy?”

“Yes. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

“What about happy…..”

“No. Hi Daddy!”

“Remember, happy father’s…”

“No mommy. Hi happy daddy!”

So, it was sort of close.


Kerry enjoyed watching the U.S. Open and then we had a nice dinner with friends. Our dads were happy with their gifts. Kerry’s dad was going to enjoy his Chili’s giftcard while Dad had already spent some of his Starbucks gift card. Since DadĀ and Kathy areĀ spending the summer in Vermont, he gets to actually visit a Starbucks instead of having it mailed to him.

The pool is still the best place to be.

The second best place to be is sitting on the kitchen counter.

The counter is a good place to ‘help cook,’ eat lunch or just hang out.

Thank you to everyone who wished us Happy Anniversary today! It was nice to hear from friends and family who have such fond memories of our destination wedding. It has been a wonderful three years and we are looking forward to many more to come. We need to make another trip to Sanibel soon!

Our anniversary included a trip to the doctor’s office because Miss H was acting a little off. Once we got to the doctor, she was acting totally normal but she did have an ear infection. The office staff loved how she had to give everyone a ‘high five!’ before we could leave.

Then I ran off to my crocheting class (gift from Leigh for my birthday) and tried to learn how to make a blanket. I failed miserably (so did everyone else) but have great hope that between me, Mom and Leigh that we will be able to figure out this pattern and actually make a blanket. If not, Leigh promises she can teach me how to make granny squares. I have no photos of this endeavor because I literally started over four times and in the end just pulled everything out to start over again.

More to come on my progress.