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We had no plans

15 May

Since the last few weeks have been jam packed with plans, we decided this weekend would involve no plans. We made several trips this week to the park because the weather has been so nice. This weekend we did enjoy the bubble machine on the deck, walleye for dinner, a little shopping, a trip to the farmer’s marlet and generally getting things done that we had not done for the last few weekends. 

Walleye you ask? Well, there is this place in Minnesota that you can order it and they deliver overnight packed in dry ice right to your door. I discovered it last year when no place in this area carried Kerry’s favorite lake fish so now it has become a birthday tradition. I usually only like ocean fish but this lake fish is light, tasty and not a bit fishy. Yum. And, we have 2.5 more pounds to enjoy at some point this month. Miss H did not like the fish but at least she tried it.

Her favorite food is pizza.

Second favorite is strawberries.

She managed to eat 8 strawberries before we even left the farmer’s market. They were delicious and it is nice to get locally grown produce.

Like the outfit?

The elephant jacket combined with the fish and cat in the submarine pajamas looks even better in person. Oh well, she is expressing her creativity.

We learned a new term at her gymnastics class this weekend-dress-ling. It is what happens when you are trying to get your toddler dressed and it becomes more like a wrestling match. It was nice to know that we are not the only ones who experience this phenomenon and we were not the only ones with a creatively dressed child.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!