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Sheep and Wool Festival

8 May

First, Miss H dressed herself this morning in a very colorful ensemble. But, it did make it very easy to spot her at the Sheep & Wool Festival.

A few years ago (we think 2005), Leigh, Mom, Kerry and I all went to the festival and had a nice time. Leigh is still upset with Kerry for eating a lamb gyro after we had just seen all the cute and soft lambs in the barns. This years event happened to fall on Mother’s Day so we decided to make the trek to the Howard County Fairgrounds. Sheep are Miss H’s second favorite animal so we figured it would be a huge hit.

And, it was.

I think she touched every sheep that would get close to her.

They were very cute.

She would ‘baaaaaaaa!’ at them and did get a little startled when one answered back.

Both, Mom and I had a great Mother’s Day!

And, Kerry and Mom had lamb gyros and I had a delicious lamb burger. Leigh and Miss H stuck to the hot dogs. At least Leigh had someone on her side.

I just thought the Merino sheep was cool looking.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!