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Train Ride!

7 May

We took Miss H to the B&O Railroad Museum this morning to spend the day with Thomas the Train. Miss H loves trains and the only one she has been on is the one that drives around the mall and the one she drives around our house.

We talked about the ‘choo! choo!’ all morning and it was so exciting when we finally arrived.

Of course, this event has been sold out for weeks so it was complete kid chaos and mayhem. I was thankful that I was only having to chase one around. It took three adults to manage one 2 year-old 🙂

We played with legos.

Had our lunch.

And, discovered the bubble zone.

Then it was time to ride the actual train.

We found our seats, got our tickets stamped by the conductor and then it was ride out of the train yard at the museum into Baltimore.

It was not the most scenic ride but Miss H did enjoy the music and the storytelling. Mom, Kerry and I were fascinated by the police on dirt bike escort we received. Miss H liked waving to the police officers and they all nicely waved back 🙂

Once we pulled back into the station, someone was exhausted so we decided to get back on the road. No road trip is complete without a stop at McDonald’s.

And, we have set a personal record- no screaming either way! Miss H lasted in the car for over an hour without a single complaint.

A random day off

7 May

Several months ago, I had put on the office calendar that I would be out of the office on the Friday before Mother’s Day. Well, this week approached and even though I had no plans, I decided to enjoy the day off.

The weather was perfect, I met Mom and Leigh at the Flower Mart, we had a nice lunch, we shopped in Georgetown, I ran some errands, ran four miles and was home to meet Miss H and Kerry.

I think we need to have those random days off more often.