Birthday, Part Two

2 May

After the birthday present excitement and a pancake breakfast, we headed back downtown to the Old Post Office. Some of you are probably wondering why we would go there. Well, our DC Duck tour guide told us the Old Post Office had the best view of DC and it was totally true!

There was no line when we arrived at 10am and we had spectacular views. Miss H did not particularly care about the view but loved running around and hearing her voice echo.

So, I agree with our tour guide- this is a much better view than the Washington Monument.

Then, we headed across town to see the National Cathedral.

Miss H liked the side porticos. More space for running.

Her favorite part might have been the discovery of the playground. ‘Play! Play! Go play! Mommy play!’

She even got Kerry to slide down after her. His landing was not at graceful.

We ended the birthdays with a cookout and yummy dessert! Do you spot the little hand taking her perfect kid-sized cupcake?

We had a great visit with Grandpa and are looking forward to his return visit in the fall! Yeah for birthdays, visits and playing tourist in DC!

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