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Easter Weekend

25 Apr

I wanted to dye the eggs outside on Saturday but got overruled by someone that wanted to color the eggs AND watch the hockey game. Luckily, the mess stayed contained.

Miss H had so much fun coloring the eggs. The best part was dipping them in multiple colors. Most of the eggs seemed to take on a blue tint but we did have some nice pink and yellow too.

Grandmom helped with writing names on the eggs 🙂

When Miss H had finished the dozen eggs, all she wanted was ‘more, more.’ Next year, we will have to have more. Her fingers had a nice tint to them too!

More exciting then the coloring of the eggs was the arrival of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny must have worked hard on hiding the eggs around the house plus he put together a great basket of new cooking utensils, clothing and candy. Who knew the Easter Bunny had such great taste in gifts?

Miss H got spoiled by everyone! Dad and Kathy sent her favorite candy, Peeps, plus a big, stuffed duck (that Kerry thinks resembles a platypus). Mom got her a high powered bubble blowing gun, a few new outfits and Peter Rabbit cup and bowl. Leigh sent a huge coloring book, new box of crayons and chocolate. It was like Christmas around our house!

After all this excitement, it was off to church. Miss H did not last very long in the service but we tried. She loved the music- even cheered after the first hymn. I bet the choir does not get that response on a regular basis. She was a little disappointed that there was not another song that started right away because she wanted to ‘dance, dance.’

As I tried to whisk her off to the nursery- she noticed the sheep in the stained glass window and promptly imitated her second favorite animal with a ‘BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!’

Luckily, there were parents around us and definitely a few snickers and smiles 🙂 Once again, we were ‘those’ people.

And, why are the Easter Egg hunts always in the graveyard?

I did it! I did it!

19 Apr

This is Miss H’s new favorite statement. After coming down the slide, hanging from the monkey bars, dropping water on the floor or climbing the steps. I did it! I did it! I guess it is nice she is not blaming us for the puddle of water on the kitchen floor.

We have been enjoying the improving weather by spending time at the various playgrounds near us.

The playgrounds are a great place to hunt for ‘rocks and rocks and rocks.’

And a great place to just run, pick up sticks, and go down the slide as many times as possible.

We are so thankful it is finally feeling like spring!

Bye bye!