Start to the weekend!

29 Apr

Kerry’s dad arrived on Thursday for a long weekend visit! Luckily, he missed all of our recent storms and we hear he left just in time to miss more cold weather at home.

Since Kerry and I love to play tourist in our own town, we decided it was a perfect excuse to take the DC Duck boat tour. It starts at Union Station, goes down Constitution Avenue onto Pennsylvania Avenue. Then, close to the Washington Monument, on the south side of the White House, past the Lincoln Memorial, across the Memorial Bridge and then into the water. We saw the water side of the Pentagon, the monuments from the Potomac and then exited near the airport to go back downtown and see more museums, monuments and drive to he front of the Capitol.

It was fun.

We got great views of the monuments, Capitol and other DC sites from both the street and the water.

Plus, they let Kerry drive the thing. Seriously, they did. Below is Kerry driving while the tour guide continues to talk about the airport and all sorts of other things while Kerry steers us across the Potomac River. He did a really good job!

I have a video too but it seems that the world is watching the Royal Wedding on YouTube and I can’t get anything to load. It will be posted later.

The only downside to the DC Ducks is there are no timed tickets so Mom and I were at Union Station at 8am to get tickets. But, we all had a great time , the weather was great and it was definitely worth the line.

Kerry’s dad brought Miss H a cool lighted butterfly display that she LOVES. It goes room to room with her and she gets very excited about the butterflies.

More tourist destinations to come this weekend!

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