We have entered the ‘why?’ zone

13 Apr

Conversations at our house these days involve lots of ‘why’ and ‘where’ and ‘I want.’ Where did Daddy go? Where is the puppie? Where is my cookie? Where is the car? Where is the paper? I want a bath. I want a bath with bubbles. I want a cookie. I want juice. Then, when you answer any of these statements, you just get ‘why?’ And, then the questioning starts all over again. Miss H has turned into quite the chatterbox and sometimes it can be pretty funny.

Besides being a chatterbox, she is very into her art. For those of you who have seen Miss H in action, you know she rarely stops moving but some paper and markers will keep her attention for a long time.

She loves to draw and play with the different colors but goes through lots and lots of paper. We are now big fans of the Crayola markers that only leave marks on the special paper (and not on Miss H, the walls, the windows and the furniture).

We got to spend Saturday evening catching up with Kerry’s cousin at the Light Horse in Old Town. The food was great and it was even better to spend time with his cousin and her boyfriend. It was nice to hear the funny stories from their childhood and we lingered for over three hours. Kerry and I laughed that we had not stayed up past midnight in a long, long time. Seriously, it was probably pre-Miss H days.

Mom was nice to come spend the evening babysitting so we could enjoy dinner! On Sunday, we both chased Miss H around the playground and tried to get some pictures but we both just got some blurred action shots. I guess they will have to wait until next time.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

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