Visit to the Farm

3 Apr

We had heard this rumor from the weatherman that it was going to be really warm today so we decided to head out to the Kidwell Farm. Well, it was not too cold but it was so windy. Supposedly tomorrow will be the really warm day and today’s wind did not impact our good time!

Miss H loved seeing all the animals and tried on numerous occassions to get into their pens.  We got to see lambs, piglets, calves and a baby goat plus all their moms and chickens, roosters (‘cooky doodle doop doop’), peacocks, horses and some turkeys. And, Miss H let a big, huge cow give her a lick across the face. Kerry missed taking that picture because he was busy looking for the hand sanitizer 🙂

I tried to teach Miss H to make faces when you are getting your picture taken but she was too busy watching the horses.

We will definitely be heading back to the farm- it was good, and free fun! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We are all looking forward to the springtime warm-up.

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