Party! Party! Party!

27 Mar

Kerry and I debated over what to do for Miss H’s second birthday party and I am happy to say that we made the right decision 🙂 Last year, we had a very small get together that was mainly family and one friend who has a son close to Miss H’s age. It was perfect and not overwhelming for anyone.

This year, Miss H’s group of friends has gotten a little bigger, and she has been invited to several parties in the last year, so we decided to have a small party but one that included kids her age. For the last year, she has been going to an activity class and conveniently, they do birthday parties too! Nothing better than having the mess somewhere else!

We had 14 kids and almost twice as many adults for a party today and everyone had a great time. Miss H might have had the best time but it did seem there were smiling faces all over. There were games, bubble machines, singing, dancing and of course, playing on all the equipment.

Miss H got her own ‘birthday car.’

Had a little help blowing out her candles.

And, then everyone had a nice lunch. I think every one of our friends commented that there is no way there kid would sit on the bench like this at home. Everyone of them was perfectly behaved and very hungry.

We had sandwiches, fruit, veggies, rice krispie treats, peeps and cupcakes. One of Miss H’s friends has an allergy to wheat and eggs so I found gluten and egg free cupcakes that were pretty close to the real thing. The kids gobbled them up so I guess they thought they were yummy!

Aunt Leigh was our official party photographer so more pictures to come.

After all this excitement, Miss H was exhausted but she was not going to let us try to ignore the big bag of gifts.

She wanted the easel and none of us were moving fast enough so she took matters into her own hands.

There was no way she was going to take a nap until she had some drawing time. Her actual response was ‘no way, mom.’

(Grandmom was a little exhausted by all the activity of the day). But, she came to the rescue when Miss H could not get the tops off her brand new markers.

We had a great weekend, a great party and have really great friends (who did not listen to the ‘no gifts’ memo I sent)!

One Response to “Party! Party! Party!”

  1. Laura March 28, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    Stopping by from SITS. What a fun party!

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