Bring on Spring!

20 Mar

We have had great weather the past few days and we are all looking forward to it staying this way! I really liked the 70+ degree days so if those continue, I will be a very happy camper. Leigh sent me a cool picture of the ‘super moon’ from last night and I wanted to share it here.

Miss H loves this weather because it means multiple trips to the playground.

We have scoped out the playgrounds near our house and have found two that are our favorites. If we are out running errands, we either have to stop at the playground or avoid the street all together because someone knows exactly where it is.

She demands that we follow her on the slide.

No matter your age, the playground swings are still fun.

Miss H just loves to run all around the place (and this completely wears her out for a long afternoon nap).

Yeah for spring!

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