Vegas, again.

19 Mar

Photo above courtesy of Lefty Rodriguez.

I left early Sunday morning for my company’s annual meeting in Las Vegas. Amazingly, the whole group of us remembered the time change and made it to the airport on time. The flight was long but we did arrive to beautiful weather. Unfortunately, we were kept busy from morning til night so I barely saw the sun or got to enjoy the warmth. A group of us made a lap around the pool area and were jealous of everyone just lounging around. But, I guess we were there for ‘work.’

I did get to catch up with friends who work all over the country but it was an exhausting trip. Next year- Florida. We took off mid-afternoon on Tuesday and I got home after midnight.

Miss H was a little mad at me on Wednesday morning. I did get a big hug at first but then she remembered that I had deserted her for three days. Daddy immediately became the favorite parent again.

All was forgiven after a little pouting. It was sure great to see my two favorite people again.

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