Super Bowl Edition

6 Feb

Someone got new sunglasses this week and they are essential accessories inside the house. She is usually not big on the accessories- no headbands, barrettes, gloves, mittens, hats- but we did rock the headband in true 80s fashion this week.

Plus, oven mitts are always in style. (Be sure to notice that are living room is completely trashed by the end of the day).

Mom came up on Saturday and brought an early Valentine’s present from Leigh to Miss H. At first, she just wanted to play with the ribbon.

Once we got the paper off she was excited about the twelve new cars for her ramp. She has played with them all weekend!

Aunt Marilyn and Linda came to visit too but we did not get any pictures 😦 Miss H got upset when we tried to get a group photo. But, she had a lot of fun with them and we hope they come to visit again soon.

Kerry and I have been talking about finishing our guest bathroom for almost two years. Seriously. We re-tiled the bathroom a few weeks after Miss H was born but never replaced the cabinet, counter top, faucet, medicine cabinet, and repainted. So, we decided today was a good day to start to finish. Of course, simple projects are never simple and now we have to add wall repair to the list of things to do. However, everything should be done by next weekend. Here is a preview:

And, since it is the Super Bowl today- I made hot wings in the oven and they were very good. Miss H even ate a few!

One Response to “Super Bowl Edition”

  1. JDaniel4's Mom February 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    My son would love the car ramp! The chicken wings look yummy!

    Stopping from SITS!

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