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The Rest of the Weekend

28 Feb

Did you know that a single flashlight can bring hours of entertainment?

We watched a movie on Friday night and it was terrible. I usually like George Clooney but The American was definitely a miss. So, if it is on your Netflix list, I recommend deleting that selection.

Saturday we enjoyed shopping, some other errands, lunch out and finally a trip to the park.  By the end of the visit to the park, Miss  H’s little feet could barely carry her any longer. Of course, we planned this because it turned into a three hour nap 🙂

This nap gave us time to prepare for having friends over for dinner. I needed to make corn bread and pound cake while one couple brought the main dish and the other couple (including Dr-Blondie) brought a delicious salad and appetizer. The Paula Dean recipes turned out really well. I did joke that everything she makes taste so good because it all starts out with two sticks of butter.

It was great to catch up with friends! And, we appreciated that they come to our house so we did not have to arrange for a babysitter at the last minute. Miss H enjoyed everyone and was on her best going to bedtime behavior (that has not been the case recently). Somehow, we still were in bed by 10:15 on a Saturday night.

This past weekend, Miss H entertained us by hiding under her laundry basket.

Or click here.

And, she loves to dance. Often she commands that we twirl with her.

Or click here.

Please excuse the mess in the background. The little tornado manages to trash the place on a daily basis.

Birthday Brunch for Leigh!

27 Feb

Leigh’s birthday was actually yesterday but we went to a nice brunch today at National Harbor. It was delicious and also got to enjoy the beautiful weather!

After our brunch at the Public House, we did some shopping, walking along the water and discovering the one and only Peeps store. Leigh and Mom got Miss H a stuffed bunny Peep and a new Peep t-shirt. The store gave me some creative ideas for Miss H’s upcoming birthday party 🙂

We had a busy weekend with trips to the park, friends over for dinner, a new fascination with filling the piggy bank with change, and hiding in the laundry hampster (this one has a video) but it will all have to wait until tomorrow. All this activity has worn me out!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy birthday Leigh!