Fun day Sunday and the rest of the visit from South Dakota

17 Jan

Leigh mentioned last week that she had never been out to the Air & Space Museum near Dulles and then we learned Dad had never been either so we decided to head back there on Sunday morning. Miss H always likes some wide open spaces to run around and we always like a place that burns off a little energy 🙂

We tried to get a nice picture but someone was not cooperating.

Miss H made several friends (other kids whose parents were trying to burn off some energy like us) and they chased each other all around the place. I did have thoughts of ‘we are so those people,’ but considering almost everyone had a shrieking kid with them, we did not feel as bad. And, the place is huge so the sound gets lost, right?

We tried out every seat again.

Miss H managed to stay awake on the way home because Leigh and I were so entertaining in the back seat. Leigh tried to teach her to say, ‘grandpa,’ but when she would not cooperate- she settled for teaching her how to say, ‘Bob.’ (No, that is not our Dad’s first name but the first thing that came to mind for Leigh). Once we got home she promptly collapsed due to all the excitement.

Miss H and Dad played cars several times over the weekend. He quickly picked up on the fact that it is not just cars that can go down the ramp but crayons, small balls, Yahtzee chips and cookies.

We tried to get a picture before we headed to the airport this morning but someone was not cooperating again. Really, we are not laughing at her in this picture.

We got Dad to the airport and his flight left on time. Unfortunately, his connecting flight in Minneapolis did not have the same luck. They took off from Minneapolis but then had some mechanical problems and flew back. He should be back in South Dakota tomorrow. The last time he visited us in the winter months, he was stuck in Minneapolis for three days so we hope that does not happen again.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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