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Visit from South Dakota

15 Jan

Dad arrived on Thursday from South Dakota and we have kept him busy since! Miss H likes it when we have visitors and has kept him extra busy. Dad spent the day with Leigh on Friday (shopping) and then we made a nice dinner here on Friday night (easier than going out to dinner). This morning, we introduced Dad to Miss H’s gym class (he took some pictures that we will have to post later).

He has been a good sport about making stew with Miss H. Her recipe includes crayons, toilet paper, blocks plus last night she added a kiwi.

The highlight of today was the trip to the toy store. Leigh was coaching Miss H on the way to the store about what to pick out (I think I even heard her say, ‘Go big on a gift!’) and after roaming a few aisles, she found the perfect thing. She started exclaiming, ‘CHOO! CHOO!’ and then we all saw the Thomas the Train ride-on toy. Not only can she ride around on it but it plays music and shoots plastic balls out of the steam spout.

It was so exciting that she had to sit on the box while we waited in line. Then, Dad tried to pay for it and she thought he was taking it away and a full-on tear fest started. Leigh had to sit in the backseat and hold it on her lap on the way home. She was a little concerned when Kerry tried to take it out of the box.

Once it was out of the box, it was even cooler.

Later in the evening, she decided the train should go in the laundry basket. No idea why but she was happy!