Starting off the new year with a new do

2 Jan

Miss H’s hair had gotten unruly and definitely needed a trim but after previous failed attempts at going to the salon (child becomes limp noodle on the floor) and Kerry attempting to be a barber (hair on complete diaganol right before professional pictures taken)- we decided to head to Cartoon Cuts to see if they were all they advertised to be.

And, they were. No tears, sat on my lap mesmerized by both the hair cutter and the television. Not only did we get her long bangs out of her eyes but we got all the other hairs on her head trimmed. Her hair looks great and we are now fans of the place.

While we were out and about, we stocked up on crayons and paper. Miss H is kind of particular about the coloring- there seem to be rules about the colors to use, where on the paper to draw and if she is unhappy with your drawing, it quickly gets covered up.

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