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Trip to Air & Space (the Dulles location)

2 Jan

Since it was a gloomy, rainy day around here, and we needed to burn off some of Miss H’s energy, we headed out to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. The place is huge and I guess this was a really slow time for them because we practically had the place to ourselves.

I thought it was cool they had the Space Shuttle and you can see it up close (see in back  right corner of photo below- look really, really closely).

Miss H really liked the long, long ramp to get down to the main floor.

Both Kerry and I chased her around most of the place. The planes, helicopters and other flying machines were fun to look at but really all she wanted to do was climb on or go under the railings.

Also, I think she sat in a good portion of every seat in the place.

Miss H decided several months ago that a high chair and stroller were not her thing. The strollers have been collecting cobwebs but last week for Christmas she got a stroller for her doll. She has sat in this stroller, pushed it around, wanted us to push her in it and overall been fascinated with the thing (Hello? Don’t you remember that we have three for you to choose from!) So, today we loaded up the least cumbersome one and decided to see what she thought. After all that running around, it was okay for just a few minutes.

Maybe our stroller days are not completely over?

If you head out the museum, be sure to check out the observation tower. You get a great view!

After all that running around, lunch, a trip to the observation deck and more running around, someone was sound asleep in just a few minutes.

Starting off the new year with a new do

2 Jan

Miss H’s hair had gotten unruly and definitely needed a trim but after previous failed attempts at going to the salon (child becomes limp noodle on the floor) and Kerry attempting to be a barber (hair on complete diaganol right before professional pictures taken)- we decided to head to Cartoon Cuts to see if they were all they advertised to be.

And, they were. No tears, sat on my lap mesmerized by both the hair cutter and the television. Not only did we get her long bangs out of her eyes but we got all the other hairs on her head trimmed. Her hair looks great and we are now fans of the place.

While we were out and about, we stocked up on crayons and paper. Miss H is kind of particular about the coloring- there seem to be rules about the colors to use, where on the paper to draw and if she is unhappy with your drawing, it quickly gets covered up.