With the food processor I got for Christmas

27 Dec

With the food processor I got for Christmas, I will be making veggie purees to hide in Miss H’s food. In the last few weeks, our eat anything kid has started turning her nose up at most everything. She still loves cereal, clementines, peanut butter (and occassionally jelly) sandwiches, popsicles, smoothies, popcorn, pancakes and cheese but all the other staples get the big yuck.  No pasta. No rice. No chicken nuggets. No green beans. No peas. No tacos. No lasagna.  Her current food choices are a little limiting and not necessarily covering all the required food groups.

I bought the Deceptively Delicious cookbook (actually I think Dad bought it for me) last spring but really had not needed to sneak in the veggies because Miss H would pretty much eat all of them. I studied the recipes today and now have my shopping list of beets, cauliflower, squash and brocolli to make into purees to sneak into things like mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and possibly a new kind of chicken nugget. There is even a recipe for brownies that includes a veggie puree. But, since Miss H does not like chocolate I guess that one won’t make the baking list.

I am going to make zucchini bread this week to see if she is tricked by that since she does love flavored breads. Also, I found more recipes at the Sneaky Chef. I will have a cook-off this week and see who has the better reipes.

Another one of my favorite recipes sites for the little one is Weelicious. These Tex-Mex Rice Cakes are yummy!

If you have any good recipes to share, let me know! They can be food processor friendly or not 🙂

One Response to “With the food processor I got for Christmas”

  1. Dr. Blondie December 28, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Hadley doesn’t like chocolate? I know who she gets that from!

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