Halloween was a bust.

2 Nov

Miss H wanted nothing to do with the pink cat costume. It got a big, ‘oh no!’ when we tried to put it on to go trick or treating. We tried to coax her into it a few times and even tried to explain how fun it was but the new blocks were way more fun than a costume. So, you have to wait for next year to see Miss H dressed up.

But, she sure loves that Barney Halloween DVD that Leigh got her. Halloween of 2010 costume edition was a bust but the songs, dancing and Barney are a new hit.

Instead of candy, she sure loved some vegetable pasta (orange colored) on Halloween. This is big because pasta has been a food she has refused for many months. But, she has to feed herself and it makes a huge mess.

Besides the costume debacle- we had a very fun weekend because our friends (well, my friends from college who are now our friends) came to town and Miss H loves them. Amy and Dan were in town a few weeks ago and came back for the Jon Stewart Rally. The three of us did not join them for the rally- large crowds, packed metro and uncertain timing does not mix well with a 19 month old who hates her stroller but they had a great time and thought it was well worth the drive from South Carolina. Miss H thought they were here to see her and she was very, very upset when they left on Sunday.

We hope they come back to visit again soon!

One Response to “Halloween was a bust.”

  1. Amy November 7, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    We were there to see Miss H! And the two of you! We had a lot of fun! Thanks to all of you!!!

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