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Art Class update

2 Nov

I only have three more classes left!

These pictures are from my Blackberry so they are not the greatest.

This one- next week I will add the two doors, the porch lights, the flowers in the pot plus the plants next to the steps. I hope I can get that much done!

Halloween was a bust.

2 Nov

Miss H wanted nothing to do with the pink cat costume. It got a big, ‘oh no!’ when we tried to put it on to go trick or treating. We tried to coax her into it a few times and even tried to explain how fun it was but the new blocks were way more fun than a costume. So, you have to wait for next year to see Miss H dressed up.

But, she sure loves that Barney Halloween DVD that Leigh got her. Halloween of 2010 costume edition was a bust but the songs, dancing and Barney are a new hit.

Instead of candy, she sure loved some vegetable pasta (orange colored) on Halloween. This is big because pasta has been a food she has refused for many months. But, she has to feed herself and it makes a huge mess.

Besides the costume debacle- we had a very fun weekend because our friends (well, my friends from college who are now our friends) came to town and Miss H loves them. Amy and Dan were in town a few weeks ago and came back for the Jon Stewart Rally. The three of us did not join them for the rally- large crowds, packed metro and uncertain timing does not mix well with a 19 month old who hates her stroller but they had a great time and thought it was well worth the drive from South Carolina. Miss H thought they were here to see her and she was very, very upset when they left on Sunday.

We hope they come back to visit again soon!