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Thanksgiving Weekend Re-cap

28 Nov

We had a great Thanksgiving in Annapolis. Kerry’s friend (and Miss H’s godfather) Al came with us and he had no idea that before he could eat- he would have to put together a kid’s table. Miss H tried to help assemble the chairs.

We were all stuffed after the meal and the littlest of us needed a nap in a really bad way but considering all the people (including a 3 year old distant cousin who was having fun chasing after her) there was no way she was going to agree so Kerry and Al took her for a car ride. She was asleep in less than 30 seconds but they all missed the group picture.

Friday morning, was early shopping for me and Mom. We were early enough to get a great parking space and get some great deals. Miss H made out the best and even got a pair of shoes that light up. Yep- my kiddo has shoes that have flashing lights, sequins, metallic paint and glitter. Mom played babysitter on Friday night so Kerry and I could catch the latest installment to the Harry Potter series. It was great!

Kerry had a friend from his military days in town visiting his family and it was nice to be able to meet up with him on Saturday. We let Miss H run around by Iwo Jima Memorial and the bell tower while everyone caught up on the last few years. They had a flight to catch back home to sunny (and warm) Florida but we are looking forward to seeing them next time they are in town.

Miss H’s new favorite food is just her size. We should start calling her Miss Clementine. She likes to peel one side and then eat the fruit out.

Mom made her the headband for Thanksgiving and she has been wearing it around ever since. She has been trying to pick the glitter off the feather but is not having much luck. 

Today, Kerry headed out to the Vikings vs. Redskins game and is probably one of the few cheering for the Vikings. Miss H and I headed over to a playgroup and she was exhausted afterwards so now the house is very quiet.

Hope everyone had safe travels, a great Thanksgiving meal, wonderful times with friends and family and a relaxing, long weekend!

Thanksgiving Cooking and Christmas Craftiness

24 Nov

We might have a future chef on our hands. Miss H was so fascinated with me making pumpkin pies that I had to let her sit on the kitchen counter. She made sure the sugar, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg tasted just right (‘yum!”) and helped stir everything together. When we had to put the pies in the oven it was very, very sad and there was a protest. I tried to explain that they needed to be cooked but that seem to not be on her agenda.  Maybe I will try having her make sugar cookies in a few weeks?

I had a pretty easy cooking assignment for Thanksgiving- I am responsible for the pumpkin pies, Paula Dean’s Mac and Cheese, Stove Top (yes, the just add water stuffing for Kerry and Leigh), Cool Whip and cranberry butter. All put together tonight and ready to go for tomorrow.

Last year, I had intended on making a Christmas Ornament Wreath that I had found on this site but never, ever got around to it. So, tonight I made two. Mom- if you are reading this- one is for you.

They were super simple and here are my easy directions:

1. Big assortment of shatter proof ornaments.

2. Use a hot glue gun to securely attach the top to the ornament. This is time consuming but will make your life easier.

3. Get a wire coat hanger, bend into a circle and start loading on the ornaments. I used various sizes to make the ornaments fit better.

4. Each wreath will take about 60+ ornaments depending on size.

5. Fill the entire hanger and then re-close the hook.

6. Find a ribbon to cover the hook and then hang on your door!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!