Pumpkin Carving with the Small, Screaming Banshee

23 Oct

Miss H has had a rough week- new teeth, return of the croup, still not being allowed to have her own version of ‘Hop on Pop,’ and an overall displeasure with her parents. We have dragged her to the doctor, kept her home for the day (means no playing with her friends) and generally not been able to make her feel better.  A steamy bath or shower makes her feel great but unfortunately she can’t live in the tub. We thought we turned the corner yesterday- no coughing and the big smiles had returned but we were sadly mistaken when the coughing reared its ugly head this afternoon. The small, screaming banshee returned.

We successfully distracted her from how cruddy she felt by carving one of the pumpkins we got last weekend.

We tried to get her to push her sleeves up to avoid pumpkin goop all over the place.

She had fun helping pull all the seeds and insides out but she was also the taste tester for fresh off the vine pumpkin. Yum. Tastes like squash.

There was some disappointment when the pumpkin was all cleaned out. What do you mean there is no more??

Before all this excitement- we had gone to check on Mom in Annapolis and she is feeling much better. Also, Kerry’s infection has improved and he is slowly starting to feel better. Hopefully, everyone in the family will feel better this week!

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