Everyone is getting better

17 Oct

It has been two weeks since Kerry’s back surgery and he had a a slight set back last week due to a nasty infection. After I pestered him about calling the doctor because of swelling and lovely green-ness of his incision, he did go to the doctor just in time to avoid being re-opened up. He then had to go back on Friday to see if it had impoved (there was still the threat of another surgery to clean out the uckiness) and luckily all was better. It still looks kind of gross so I won’t post a picture but all is improving.

Mom had surgery last week too and since I was taking care of Kerry- we were unable to see her on surgery day but Leigh and Mom’s friends did a great job.  Miss H and I went to Annapolis today to check on her and we were impressed with her recovery. She even felt well enough to go out to a late breakfast. Miss H had a lot of fun at her house playing with the set of stacking blocks, the drink coasters, the cat toys, the remote control, the telephone and the cool blue straws. All that excitement did equal her falling asleep about two minutes into the car ride home. No one else is allowed to get sick or have surgery for the next month or so.

Since Kerry has not spent that much time out of the house since surgery- we did enjoy the beautiful Saturday and decided to visit a local (REAL!) pumpkin patch. So real that the pumpkins are actually on the vine 🙂

(Kerry really should not be lifting that pumpkin above his head because that goes against all the ‘lifting rules’ the doctor talked about but he promised it was not more than 8 pounds).

Miss H would have taken home everything she could grab plus a few more but we settled on two good size carving pumpkins. We need to figure out what our designs are going to be and get carving at some point this week and I found out that Kerry has never roasted pumpkin seeds!  Yum! Obviously, the trip to the pumpkin patch was for all three kids in the family.

I usually am a city girl but I do appreciate a good dose of the country and with the beautiful weather- the pumpkin patch really was nice. It always amazed me that not that far from the crowded, busy streets of where we call home- is this.

One Response to “Everyone is getting better”

  1. Dr. Blondie October 18, 2010 at 8:30 am #

    It’s a great pumpkin patch, isn’t it? We love it because it’s authentic–we love picking the pumpkin off the vine. I’m so glad you all stopped there on your way home!

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