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Return to Art Class

12 Oct

I missed class last week so this week it was nice to get back but I really did not like anything I worked on. This is what I started off with (these are cell phone pics so I apologize for quality).

I realized I needed to build a few screens to add onto Stonehenge so that will have to wait until next week.

With my Dry Tortuga boat tie-up one- I added sky and sea but did not really like the outcome.

I really don’t like the colors so now it is back to the beginning. Maybe some really transparent blues and purples for the next go round?

My teacher told me it looked like a beer commercial. She said it very, very nicely but I feel the same way.

Oh well.


A Trip to the Packed, Kid-Crazy Park

12 Oct

Kerry was still recuperating on the couch from his surgery yesterday so Miss H and I headed to Clemyjontri Park to meet up with Kristyn, Jessica and the kiddos. I think everyone in Northern Virginia had the same idea as us.

It is a great park that was designed so every kid- no matter their abilities- would have the opportunity to run, play and have a safe environment. The ground has this great foamy padding and the equipment has wide ramps and wide slides. Miss H had a ball just running around, climbing on everything, going down the slides and getting lost in the maze. And, us three adults realized we could not keep track of four kids at once. Sad as it sounds- the place was crazy busy and since all four kids were under 3- they all wanted to run in a different direction.

My camera never even came out of my bag because I was too busy chasing after a little ball of energy.

The only downside to the park is the limited amount of shade. Since it is unseasonable warm here- all seven of us were definitely sweaty by the time we packed up to leave. Everyone had a great time and my little someone took a super long nap from all that fun.

We will definitely head back their again- just not on a holiday or when it is warm!