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Fall Fun!

9 Oct

One of the good things about having friends who have older kids than Miss H is they tell you all the cool and fun places to go! We have gotten quite a list of fall activities from friends and since Miss H had so much fun on the farm a few weekends ago, we decided today to try the Pumpkin Playground.  The weather was great today so it was perfect for running around and getting filthy again.

At first, the pumpkin patch was the most exciting thing.

There were so many to choose from.

(Leigh found the cool pumpkin t-shirt a few weeks ago).

But, then Miss H discovered the funny mirror that made her very tall.

We could have entertained her for a long time with just the pumpkins and mirror but we decided it would be fun to actually go into the ‘playground.’

That is where she had the most fun! I even had fun riding the slide.

Miss H found a smaller slide she could do by herself- but first she had to crawl through a tunnel.

We were all tired, dirty and sweaty by the time we left but it was really fun.

Now, you might be wondering- why did Kerry not go down the slide? (If you know him, you know that he would normally be going up and down with Miss H). Well, he had back surgery on Monday and even though he is doing really well- sliding was not an option today. He has been a good patient all week but really appreciated getting out of the house today.

If you don’t like to see scars- stop reading now. I will even give you some space so you don’t see the picture. It is not gruesome- surprisingly small and unbruised considering the surgery but there are six staples. Don’t say I did not warn you.






P.S.- Kerry took all the photos today!