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A Visit to Annapolis

3 Oct

Since it was another nice day, we drove out to Annapolis for a walk around the Naval Academy and lunch on the Eastern Shore. Kerry’s not a particular fan of all things Navy but he was a good sport. Miss H just liked the stairs.

Also, she liked chasing squirrels and picking up leaves.

We even tried to get some photos but Miss H was not amused by us taking her away from the wide open spaces, the squirrels and the leaves.

Kerry’s dad had never been across the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge so we decided to take a ride and grab some lunch at one of my favorite summer places. It is still good in the cooler months and the view is great!

We have had a great visit and looking forward to the next time he comes back to town.

Off to Gettysburg

3 Oct

Kerry’s dad got into town on Friday and we were very happy to see him. Miss H warmed right up to him and they became fast friends. Kerry and I did not get a goodnight kiss before bed but Grandpa did.

Kerry’s dad has visited us a few times and we always show him around the sites of DC. He has fond memories of Kerry walking him from the Washington Monument to the top of Arlington Cemetary when there was 40 mile an hour winds. Kerry claims it was not that windy or that far to walk. This time, we decided to drive to Gettysburg and explore the town and battlefield.

Kerry and I had been a few years ago (we think in 2006) and they were in the process of building a new visitors center. The old one was circa 1960 and not in the greatest shape but the new one is very nice. Miss H loved the picnic tables.

While the boys watched the movie- Miss H and I ran around the big field. All was well until someone found a dead bird and got very upset that I did not want her to carry it around and even more upset about the attack of hand sanitizer and wipes. It was gross but I was ‘mean mommy.’

The weather was perfect so we all enjoyed the fresh air and nice temperatures.

It might have been too much fresh air and running around for someone.

By the time we got home- all energy was restored. Grandpa showed up with a Minnesota Vikings jersey and it was a perfect compliment to her pink tutu. Plus, she loves ‘TOUCHDOWN!’