Stonehenge and the Dry Tortugas

28 Sep

Part of the fun of my art class has been going through old travel photos and finding cool pictures I have taken to now become prints. Last class, I did pictures from Italy and this time- I picked two completely different locations. Mom and I went to Stonehenge in 2002 in the dead of winter and it was great to get photos of the stones with no people around. Who knew they would come in handy now because of the almost completely white sky!

My second picture was from a trip Kerry and I took to the Dry Tortugas in 2007. We took a catamaran out to Fort Jefferson from Key West and it was definitely one of the coolest places both of us have been. And, I got some cool pictures of the piers, fort and the beautiful blue water.

Since this class is only 3 hours per session (compared with 5 hours this summer)- my prints are never dry enough at the end of class to get a good picture so I apologize for the weird angles. Here is just with the first part of the image.

Stonehenge turned out better than expected.

In other household news- the new favorite toys are the magnets…

and the couch cushions (combined with reading the book upside down).

One Response to “Stonehenge and the Dry Tortugas”

  1. SD Dad September 29, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    Nice art work…we will have to build new walls to hold it all…upside down/rightside up…glad she likes books…

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