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Getting filthy on the farm

19 Sep

We made a trip to Montpelier Farms today with Mom, Leigh, Kristyn, Eric and Adam because they had a huge corn maze and some other kid activities. However, Miss H and Adam had much better plans (that did not involve the corn maze). The ‘kids corral’ was a huge hit.

Then, Miss H discovered the goats. The goats were the most patient, kid loving goats I have ever seen- Miss H rubbed their noses, petted their backs and tried to touch their horns and they did not get upset at all. I am sure the ‘roaring’ she did at them was a little perplexing.

The farm had three baby pigs- named Bacon, Ham and Scrapple- that were very cute.

The giant ball corral was fun but the ‘Korn Krib’ was even better. Basically, a shed full of corn kernels was the best entertainment of the day. Forget the corn maze, giant slide, pumpkin patch, cool barn or moonbounce. The shed was the place to be for the two kiddos.

There was even tears when we tried  to go somewhere else so we returned to the piles of corn kernels. We found corn kernels in her shoes, diaper and short pockets đŸ™‚

We did not make it into the corn maze but it did look cool.

Near the Korn Krib was a few tractors that were fun too.

After a good three hours of running around- everyone was filthy and very sleepy. We will be making a return trip to the farm!