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Beautiful day in the neighborhood

18 Sep

First, a big happy birthday to Kathy! It was yesterday- but we were bad blog posters again this week. We hear that Dad and Kathy attempted to get away for the weekend but the weather was too cold so the camping trip got cut short. Glad it was still a nice birthday!

 The weather here is gorgeous so we spent the morning enjoying the freah air. Miss H has another case of croup but it has not slowed her down. The chest rattling and seal like coughing makes both of us feel so bad for her but luckily it is not waking her up in the middle of the night.

She loves to run around the park and loves it even more when dogs come to visit. Today, she ‘roared’ at everyone and it got lots of laughs from various grandparents, crossfit exercisers, other parents and a nice lady trying to enjoy her book. 

All the running around, fresh air and playing football made someone very tired (I am sure the croup contributed to the exhaustion) so we headed home so H could nap and Kerry could watch football.

Glad that the 100 degree days of summer are behind us!