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Total slacker

13 Sep

I have been a blogging slacker this week but we have been very busy so that is my excuse. Saturday was wonderful weather so we decided to go to the Arts Festival in Alexandria. Kerry and Hadley were matching in their Tennessee orange and were very easy to spot in the crowds. Miss H wanted nothing to do with looking at art but loved the ducks.

I was not big on her sticking her head through the ropes (eek- danger and eww-germs) but I lost that battle too. She loves animals so between the ducks and the many dogs in Old Town she was very happy.

Then on Sunday, my friend Amy who I have known since college came to visit. Her husband was here for a work conference so she got to tag along and explore DC. We had not seen Amy and Dan since our visit to South Carolina and it was great to catch up! Dan was in conference sessions all day so Amy and I headed to Old Town for antique shopping and actually seeing the art at the festival. Also, Hadley loved meeting Amy. Amy always has cool jewelry and since Miss H is attracted to all things shiny and sparkly- and Amy let her wear her cool jewelry- they became fastĀ friends. Of course, like our previous visit with Amy and Dan- we forgot to take pictures. We tried to convince Amy and Dan to move to town but not sure if we completely sold them on our traffic and high property costs but I think we convinced them to make a return visit.

Hadley really needs a haircut. Kerry says she is starting to look like a member of The Beatles.