Yeah for three day weekends!

3 Sep

I love three day weekends and since the largest groupings of three day weekends are in the fall- I think I love the fall too. Usually I love summer but since summer was so miserably hot, I am fine that it is coming to a close this year.  We have no major plans for the three day weekend but it is still nice to have that extra day.

Miss H has been quite spoiled lately. Mom bought her some cool gifts in Ireland- the Secret of Kells, a great fisherman-esque type cardigan and a really cute Ireland fleece. Plus, she bought her oodles of fall clothes last weekend.

Then Dad and Kathy sent her a Harley shirt and shorts from Sturgis and then a cute set of pajamas from their trip to the Grand Tetons. The purple moose is very cute! You would never know by this picture but she has been very particular about her clothing this week so the smile and the fact that they are still on- means she likes them. It took 4 outfits before we could settle on something acceptable this morning.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

One Response to “Yeah for three day weekends!”

  1. rossandkathy September 3, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Glad she liked the outfit…she does look happy in it…

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