All back together again

27 Aug

Kerry returned from his two week training class in West Virginia and we were so glad to have him back home. In fairness, he did come home last weekend but he ended up having to work all weekend and then had to return to class on Sunday aftermoon. Luckily, this trip- Miss H stayed healthy and happy!

We have a funny routine at dinner these days because Miss H insists on a fork and plate. Then she eats individual pieces of food (literally one pea) off the fork. She is quite good at stabbing and getting it into her mouth but one pea at a time takes a long time. Be sure to notice the left hand usage of the fork 🙂

By the way- the Perdue Quesadilla chicken nuggets are delicious.

Her other favorite activity is ‘shopping’ the living room. She gets her bag, cart and loads up various things into the bag that is bigger than her and the cart.

Even her pants (she put them in the Nordstrom bag).

I guess she got the shopping gene.

One Response to “All back together again”

  1. rossandkathy August 27, 2010 at 7:46 pm #

    I voted for left-handed many post ago…the shopping gene may belong to Aunt L.

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