PSA of the Week: Cool(and Affordable)Art

23 Aug

We had a busy weekend and I failed to take any photos so today’s post is a PSA about a cool site that has very cool (and affordable) art work. Not sure exactly how I stumbled across this site- and maybe you all know about it- but 20×200 has some fantastic things!

Basically the concept started as a 200 series edition that starts at $20.  The prices go up depending on the size- but really there are some very fun and unique pieces.

I like this one by Michelle Hinebrook.

And, this one by Jennifer Sanchez.

Or this sea creature print by Ed Baynard.

I found one named Kerry by Jacob Escobedo.

I like that they title it ‘art for everyone’ and if I had more blank walls in my house I would definitely  have a hard time deciding between a few. I am going to order one and support a great artists community! Which one do you like best?

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