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19 Aug

Someone is very happy to be back to her normal routine.

It is back to giggles and running around the house. And, it is so true they repeat everything you say. We have a gate that blocks off our kitchen (easier than childproofing the whole place) and Miss H was protesting me stepping back and forth over the gate and not taking her with me. Since I had the oven and stove top on and was getting things in and out of the refrigerator- I did not take her into the kitchen with me. Beecause of this, her protesting got louder and my response was, “I know- mean mommy.” I made the mistake of saying it a few times. Now, if I step over the gate or don’t let her hold the car keys or pull on the hair dryer or try to put her in her car seat- I get a very distinct, ‘MEAN MOMMY.’

I am trying not to even crack a smile when she says it and not even acknowledge it. I can’t wait until she screams it in a public place. This is my first real lesson in the ‘kids repeat everything’ category.

She was waiting patiently to leave the house this morning.

When we got home it was a little treat before dinner. This falls into the ‘don’t make a face until you try it category’- toast with grape jelly and a slice of cheese. It really is good!

Hope everyone is having a great week!