Back to normal

13 Aug

Miss H loves to go in and out of the closets and love to bw chased through the house.

Things got relatively back to normal this week. No more fevers or ear infections or trips to different cities or strange aversions to strollers, carseats and high chairs. Only thing that was not back to normal was Miss H’s normal weekly routine. Since her normal daytime care was still in Europe- she got to go to ‘school’ this week. My office has this great arrangement for back-up care that is so nice, convenient and located right next door. She had not been at the back-up care since Christmas break and I got a little worried that she was going to freak out or cry or be miserable or stressed. We arrived on Monday morning- and she immediately starts playing with toys and having a grand time. She had a class of 8 kiddos who were all around the same age and they played inside, played outside, had story time, and circle time, and snacks, and lunch, and naps, and art time and sounds like a lot of fun in general. I got nice little write up everyday about her activities. I laughed out loud because one said, ‘she has very good fine motor skills.’ I knew immediately that this translated to- she is able to unscrew the top of her sippy cup no matter how tight we put it on and dump the contents on the floor and herself. Also, she taught some members of the class how to climb onto tables. I blame Kerry for giving her the climbing gene.

I got artwork too 🙂

If you are wondering what the top one is- it is a tarantula that has black fuzz glued to the drawing.

Now we are ready for a relaxing weekend! Hope everyone has had a nice week.

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