Valley Forge

8 Aug

Valley Forge is only about 25 miles from Philadelphia so it was not all that much of a trip. Neither of us were smart enough to figure this out before  we left for Philly so we were pleasantly surprised when the GPS informed us of our arrival time. I think Kerry even asked me if I had put in the ‘right’ Valley Forge.

We arrived right around the time Miss H would usually take a nap so we decided to walk the five mile loop of the park to see if we could encourage a nap and it worked. It gave us some exercise, the ability to see all the sites and her a great nap.

It seemed like we were the only people in the park.

Kerry being silly.

A cool statue.

Another cool statue- this one at the Washington Memorial Chapel.

The chapel has a cute little store behind it that had a great supply of bottled water, snacks and air conditioning 🙂

Miss H woke up about this point but was happy to continue the walk.

Speaking of happy- she loved the visitors center. I have never seen anyone so excited about brochures, benches and all the people to make friends with.

Note the brochure for some random hotel that she carried all over the place.

She could climb on and off benches/chairs/ottomans/any other furniture all day long. Add a new brochure and all is well with the world.

Valley Forge was definitely worth the visit!

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