Playing tourist in our own town

7 Aug

We totally take for granted all the cool things there are to do here- and most are free- but it only takes one trip to the top of the Washington Monument to be reminded that we live in a pretty cool place.

I had not been to the top of the monument since middle school and Kerry had never been up there so after discovering that you can order tickets online (thus avoiding the huge line that forms every morning to get the tickets) through the National Park Service site– I gladly payed the $1.50 per ticket fee and are time was booked.

Miss H enjoyed running around the monument and standing on the air grates. Also, she made friends with the family behind us and the various guards that passed by. She loves to say, ‘hello!’ with a wave and equally enjoys, ‘bye bye.’ Of course, both these get laughs from people which just encourages  her to get louder with her greetings.

After our elevator ride up- we got some great views of the city.

And, on the elevator ride down- we got to see the different commemorative stones that line the inside of themonument. I did not get any good pictures since we were tightly squeezed into a small elevator but here is a link.

So fellow DC Metro area friends, if you have not made a trip recently to the Washington Monument, it is well worth the trip!

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