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Weekend updates

2 Aug

Kerry was out of town all last week for work so I got to play single parent and deal with no power, double ear infection, two teeth busting through and Miss Crabby McCrabberson (brought on by all the aforementioned ailments) all by myself. Let me tell you it was so fun. I was so happy to see Kerry on Friday and happily hand over the baby monitor 🙂 All jokes aside- we were both happy to have him back home. And, Miss Crabby McCrabberson has only appeared a few times over the weekend and otherwise has resumed normal Miss H behavior.

It was art class time again- and I feel like I did not get a whole lot accomplished. I returned to my prints of Venice and wanted to add both sky and water color. Before that simple (ha!) application of color could happen- I had to take off the Venice canals and hand paint the space with this red blockout stuff where I did not want color to come through.

Then, I had to make sure everything lined up.

After all that- I did not like the way the water looked so decided to just print the sky. Next- week back to the water.

After a long day at ‘school’ we spent the rest of the day hanging out with Miss H, making dinner and watching her wreak havoc on our living room.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!