This week needs a do-over

27 Jul

(Photo compliments of The Washington Post).

We had seen the weather warnings on Sunday but did not think it would be a storm with 70 mph winds, hard rain and the power to knock out the power. Our power went out before the storm even arrived and then as it rolled in we watched our neighbors shutters bounce off the cars below. Miss H is not a fan of thunder or lightening and frantically ran around the living room and hiding under the dining room table. It was a quick storm but it did a ton of damage in the area. After a few hours and the power company saying that they had no update on when our power would be restored, we packed up and went to Jorge and Gina’s house. They did not even get a drop of rain (and live 10 miles from us). In the few hours we were waiting for it to come back- the temperature was steadily rising because it was still 95 degress outside.

Miss H was kind of crabby but I thought it was from the heat, the unfamiliar setting and the tooth that was breaking through. We hung out in the nice cool air, had dinner and put Miss H down to bed. In the middle of the night- she woke up a few times but I thought it was because she does not like her pack and play crib. Silly mommy.

Monday morning things went even more downhill with her mood but luckily the power was back. Also, I realized she was burning up and had a fever so after a chat with the doctor’s office- they wanted us to come in immediately. The culprit of the bad mood and fever was a double ear infection. Bad one. And, since Miss H’s ears seem to produce an abnormal amount of wax, the doctor (and two nurses) had to clean her ears out before they could confirm the infection. This did not improve the mood at all.

Now, she is on antibiotics and I think on the mend. I had flashbacks of my childhood when I picked up the pink liquid amoxicillin and remembered how awful it tasted but was happy to learn that it is now bubble gum flavored. We are all surviving her first ear infection and hope it is the last!

And, kudos to our power company for getting our power back on quickly because some of my co-workerd might not have power until this weekend. Ugh.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!

One Response to “This week needs a do-over”

  1. Dr. Blondie July 28, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    I had tons of ear infections as a child and I remember the pink medicine very well. Hope Miss H feels better soon!:)

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