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Art Class II

24 Jul

It is hotter than hot here right now. Today was over 100 and so was yesterday and I think tomorrow is supposed to be the same. At least it is not snowing? Due to the excessive heat- we have spent a lot of time in the air conditioning. Luckily the tube never gets old.

Miss H loved a friend’s beanbag so much that we now have one for our house. However, for some reason we ordered the oversized one and it is huge (I guess we should have guessed that from the name, dimensions and added delivery charge). On the plus side, we can all use it and Miss H will probably be taking it to college.

Today in class- we did photo screen prints. After digging through tons of old photos- looking for two that showed a good amount of contrast- I opted for an Italian theme for class today. The photos were from our 2002 trip and I was not totally convinced they would turn out well.

Here are the photos and the 8×10 transparency of the pictures.

After burning the image into the silkscreen-I thought the arch from Assisi would turn out better than the canals of Venice but I was completely wrong.

Mom’s pier turned out really well too.

My arch was so so. The nice teacher said we could improve it next week so maybe there is hope.

And, our work at the end of the day.

Mom recently got back from a trip to North Carolina and Miss H got a t-shirt and a horse. Yep, a horse made from a tire that will be able to hang in a tree. It is a pretty cool swing but I am sure some of you are wondering exactly where we are going to hang this since we have no trees currently. Well, that will be our next year house and Miss H will be the perfect size for it then!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!