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Art Class

17 Jul

My first screenprinting class was this week and it was really fun! The teacher is great and her work is stunning. Her screenprints are pretty close to photographic images. Each color is a different screen and she was saying there could be over 100 screens per prrint. So today we did much simpler worked and started off with very basic stencil printing. We had to cut out shapes, make our screenprint and then start printing multiple copies. Both Mom and I picked sealife- she went with a fish and I did sand dollars 🙂

We had fun mixing colors and seeing the results.

(Mine are on the top row on the left- Mom’s fish is on the bottom in the center).

And, mine all done for now.

Next, we moved onto another shape and I did an abstract pear and then did the mirror image of it. I am not sure if I liked it as much.

Next week- making screenprints from photos so I need to start figuring out what I am going to do.

At the end of class- we get to have an art exchange with the other classmates so we might have some cool new artwork for our house. I got one new piece today from the teacher’s stash of work.

On the home front today- Miss H mastered drinking from a straw. This is BIG news.


17 Jul

Miss H loves to be in the kitchen.

She can open cabinets, drag out containers, pitchers and bowls plus try to open the fridge.

Second best to the kitchen, is her bedroom closet. Nothing better than closing yourself in a dark closet. The giggles coming from inside always give away the hiding place.

She just discovered the shower. (Take note of the new Crocs- they are entirely too big and have been her favorite article of clothing all week).

And, she is big on dental hygeniene and loves to brush her teeth.