The rest of the weekend

11 Jul

After my cooking class, I was in a slight food coma and remembered that we had early dinner plans at Matchbox. Miss H does not like the stroller anymore and prefers to walk everywhere. The streets of Chinatown are not the ideal place for chasing her around but Kerry did a great job 🙂 Miss H is not always happy about the ‘help’ she gets and does not quite get that it is for safety.

Where’s Mom?

I somehow found room to eat more delicious food. We had great pizza and a great visit with friends. Miss H enjoyed herself too- she mastered drinking out of a straw (but did not like the freezer headache from trying to suck down the ice cold water too fast) and enjoyed playing with the ball of pizza dough that our waiter was so nice to supply.

I have always heard from my parents and my friends that have kids that the odds objects will become the favorite toys. Lately, for Miss H the favorites have been food containers, plastic spoons and straws. This weekend- add the tape measure.

Maybe she is our future fashion designer?

Really the only thing accomplished this morning, was Miss H figuring out how to get herself onto the sofa.

After a lazy morning, we decided to go out to eat again and enjoy the nice weather. Southside was packed and while Kerry had lunch, I took advantage of the brunch menu. Miss H enjoyed a grilled cheese and decided the best way to eat it was to poke the pieces with a straw. Kerry joined in with this new found utensil.

Genius, right?

We enjoyed a nice walk- it is much slower when one of the people in the group is only 30 inches tall- and were home to catch the World Cup game. Well, Kerry watched the game, Miss H napped and I headed to the pool for some sun and reading time. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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