A new definition of hot

16 Jun

I went to New Orleans on Sunday for a business trip. Last time I was there, they were having record cold temperatures. This time, it was the exact opposite. On Monday morning before 7am- it had already hit 90 for temperature and humidity. Some of my co-workers decided to run outside and I politely declined. I think my run in the air conditioned gym was a much more comfortable situation. After a full day of work a few of us decided to go for a walk and breathe in the soupy, humidity, hot, hot air.

Temperatures like that mean huge afternoon storms and very little picture taking for me. But, I did find a nice sign for Kerry 🙂 Right after this picture the skies opened and there was a long, hard rain with thunder, lightening and wind. A co-worker and I were caught without an umbrella and arrived at dinner pretty soaked.

Speaking of dinner- we had a really nice dinner at NOLA Restaurant in the French Quarter. The meal, service, setting were all great. To beat the heat, we made a stop by Meltdown Popsicle and they were so yummy- I highly recommend!

Hoping the next trip to New Orleans will fall nicely in the middle of the temperatures from these past new trips. I imagine New Orleans at 70 and sunny would make getting work done very difficult.

Yesterday, a few of us rushed to the airport to only find that big thunderstorms were going to seriously delay our trip. While sitting and waiting- we met Dick Gephardt and his very nice wife. Seems that being out of politics is treating him well and he was fascinated with the weather map on my Backberry. We ended up arriving almost 6 hours late into DC (National airport at 2am is a very quiet place) but I was happy to be home.

Hope eeryone is having a great week!

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