To the skies…

6 Jun

For part of Kerry’s birthday last month- I got him a flying lesson and today was his time in the air. Luckily, the weather was nice and he got his flying time in before the big storm hit.

The size of the plane made me a little nervous.

Mom tried to keep Hadley off the runway.

I got a video of the take-off (excuse the cars- we had to get in the car to stop Hadley from trying to chase after Kerry and had to go across the street to see the runway).

Or click here.

After Kerry took off and we saw him fly off into the distance, we went shopping 🙂

Kerry had a great flight- that included touching down in a field, stalling and seeing landmarks from a different vantage point.

Then it was back home.

And, speaking of birthdays- I got my first birthday gift this weekend (a week early) from Leigh. I will be taking a fun cooking class in July with her and another friend at L’academie de Cuisine. Yeah for birthdays!

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