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It is still way too hot

27 Jun

Kerry and Miss H started off the day with a nice run. One advantage of Miss H getting up at 7am is that they beat the heat. We wanted to walk to the Farmer’s Market but by 9am it was miserably hot so we will wait until next weekend.

We have a friend who recently had a baby and she wants to inherit Miss H’s large amount of clothes. Today, we sorted through the embarrasing pile of things. Miss H really helped by burying herself and trying to knock down the piles. We did keep some of the cutest things and both Kerry and I were shocked at the small size of the newborn clothing (that was too big on Hadley at the time). 

The only distraction from the clothes was her pink chair.

And, some snacks.

Sitting in the chair is not her favorite thing to do.

Okay, I will sit on the arm.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday again

26 Jun

We have had a super busy week and I am just getting around to posting the updates. To start the week, we got sad news at work that a co-worker passed away after being diagnosed with cancer in February. We all thought things were going well and we hoped to see her back at the office but the week before- she received more bad news and she passed away on Monday. I only worked with her for a few months but she was so welcoming when I first started and always willing to help- no matter how busy she was. She was a wife, mom, young, healthy and it all seems so unfair. She went to the doctor like she was supposed to and still they did not find the cancer traveling around her body until several months later. As a true journalist, she kept us all posted on the in and outs of cancer treatments, helping with homework and trying to get better on her blog and I know a lot of us in the office checked it daily to see how she was doing- and admired the way she wrote about what was happening to her. It was sad faces all week at the office and her funeral is on Monday 😦

On a happier note, Mom, Leigh and I went to the James Taylor and Carole King concert on Wednesday night and it was great!  I have always been a JT fan (this probably makes me old before my time or some sort of fuddy duddy) but these two together were really fun to watch and hear. I think Leigh and I were one of the younger people in attendance!

The next day, it was off to NYC for a day of work and a dinner. Taking the train is really the easy way to go and luckily, no delays either way. The dinner was at the Waldorf-Astoria and the room had some great views. I did not see any famous people there- but we did have top notch service.

We have been trying to find ways to beat the heat  and it seems the best way is to stay inside. It was even too hot to go to the pool. Little Miss H enjoyed her visit to the gym- -she did her usual run around until I am so tired I can’t move thing. About 50 minutes into the class- she resorts to crawling because she has completely worn herself out. I wonder how many calories she burns in that hour?

After a nap and lunch to re-fuel her energy- she enjoyed watching the World Cup game with Kerry.

Both Kerry and I got workout in too! Kerry biked to Mount Vernon (about 30 miles round trip) and I just ran on the treadmill at the gym (in the air conditioning).  Hope everyone is keeping cool this weekend!