Memorial Day

31 May

We went to Arlington Cemetary early this morning to walk the grounds (seemed appropriate for Memorial Day). Most of the roads up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were closed to walkers due to the ceremony today so our walking took us to Section 60 where the soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are buried. It was really sad to see the families, kids and the really young ages (like born in 1985) on the tombstones. Kerry and I have often talked about volunteering to put out the flags or wreaths and this time, I am going to find out how to get involved.

Miss H liked all the flags and enjoyed running down the clear aisles.

And, it was hot today so off to the pool we went. If you remember back to the debacle of swimming lessons- we were not sure how Miss H was going to like the pool. Well, now her attitude about the giant bathtub has changed and she had a blast. She splashed, dunked herself, played and giggled about us splashing her. Next- need to get some water wings because we have a water baby now. Unfortunately, forgot the camera in the house so no pictures this time.

We finished our long holiday weekend with a small cookout with some friends and now are just enjoying the quiet before another work week starts. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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