Friends, the playground and the SPRAYground

30 May

We started off the long holiday weekend with our friends Stephanie and  Isaiah visiting from Colorado. They are expecting a baby boy in mid-August and were shocked at how much Hadley had grown since they saw her in July! Miss H liked them immediately and since Isaiah was always willing to roll or toss a ball to her- they became best buds. Hadley constantly chatters and gets very animated in what she is trying to tell you. Usually, Kerry and I respond with ‘really?’ or ‘is that so?’ or ‘that sounds very exciting,’ but Isaiah mixed up a bit and would say, ‘Stephanie was telling me the same thing last week,’ or ‘you girls are always such gossips but that is a really funny story.’ He even made Miss H laugh with his comments. We enjoyed a great dinner with them in Old Town and we are looking forward to seeing their new addition. Miss H was a little bit sad when they departed this morning for home.

This morning started off with a trip to the Farmer’s Market- unfortunately the yummy cherries won’t be in until next weekend. But, we did make a stop at the park on the walk home.

Later today, we went to the sprayground and it was a huge hit. At first, she was a little freaked out about the ‘rain’ coming from the giant flower but within a few minutes she was soaked, laughing and having a great time.

Why did they not have these when I was little? This beats the sprinkler any day 🙂

2 Responses to “Friends, the playground and the SPRAYground”

  1. SD Dad May 30, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    When you were little we had a hose, a slip and slide, a plastic pool and of course Wrightsville Beach…


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    […] H loved the sprayground last year and we kept forgetting to take her this year. I think she loved it even more this year. Now, every […]

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