Conversations at our house

24 May

They go sort of like this these days:

‘H, would you like something to drink?’


‘H, would you like something to eat?’


‘How about some cereal?’


‘Do you want to go for a car ride?’


‘Are you sure?’

‘Um yea goog googly goo ew.’

Dad and Kathy have kept us stocked with musical cards and Miss H loves them.

Or click here.

And, to fill you in on our busy weekend. We started Saturday morning off by going to My Gym for a class. I was slightly worried about it since swimming was not an enjoyable activity. Well, I was proven wrong ten fold. H loved it. She ran around, played in the ball pit, climbed up a slide, swung by the o-rings, laughed, screeched, jumped on the trampoline, crawled through tunnels, swung and all around had a fabulous time. She even shared several basketballs and foam balls with other kids. As, we were leaving she kept saying, ‘no no no no,’ and started to get upset as we walked to the car. The greatest part for me- the long nap she took when she got home. She could not even keep her eyes open as we got to the house. I was unsure of the photos at the gym etiquette rules and since no one else was taking them- I declined as well. I so did not want to be ‘that’ parent.

The pure exhaustion led to us not going to the farm. She was too tired and I certainly was not going to wake a sleeping toddler. Another time for the farm and many more times for My Gym.

As for Sunday- we were pretty low-key since the rain kept arriving. But, we did manage to get some shopping in and Miss H got some new shoes. FYI for the non-kid crowd readers- those little small shoes are expensive. I think they cost as much as big people shoes. But, Miss H’s little toes are now protected and she does not appreciate that fact one bit. The shoes are not a big hit but at least she is coordinated. See picture above.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

One Response to “Conversations at our house”

  1. Heather Goss May 27, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    Hi…I found your blog while doing a search for Alexandria/Del Ray/Old Town. My husband and I are mostly likely {will know next week} moving from Alabama to Alexandria. Thanks so much and your baby girl is precious!


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