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7 May

You cannot see it clearly in this picture but Miss H has her Tinkerbell baseball bat in her left hand that she uses to battle her arch nemesis, the vacuum cleaner. I only got one picture because both Kerry and I were laughing too hard. I thought I had pushed the video button but did not…. We will see what happens this weekend when it is vacuuming time again.

Kerry thought I had dressed her to look like ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ yesterday while Al thought she looked like Jasmine from ‘Aladdin.’

Al is staying with us while he waits for his stuff from Germany to arrive- and it has been fun having him around. I am not sure how much he is enjoying DC traffic but he is learning his way around- and his new apartment will be close by so it will be great to see him during his 18 month stay in DC! Hadley has gotten very comfortable with him and likes that he has a whole set of electronics (phone, laptop, mouse, etc..) that she can try and steal. Al has learned quickly that she is very fast and requires constant monitoring 🙂

As mentioned last week, our little fashionista has added a purse to her wardrobe. The purse is from Leigh and Chip and she usually just carries her wooden blocks around but occasionally we will find our cellphones in there too.

She even puts it on her shoulder or arm- and then pushes the grocery cart around. They really do mimic everything!

Hope everyone has had a great week! We are looking forward to a great weekend!